Courses to aid your studies

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In addition to your overall personal study plan, make a communication and language studies plan that takes into account your goals and special needs. Start your communication and language studies early enough so that they support your other studies. Register for the courses in Korppi. 

Examples of courses that support your studies

  • XENX1000 Gaining Confidence in English (1 op)
  • XENX029 Activate your English (3 op)
  • XENB001 Academic Writing for Master's Students: Core Principles (2 op)
  • XENB002 Academic Writing for Master's Students: Writing that Flows (2 op) 
  • XENX034 Intermediate Academic Writing (4 op)
  • E-learning modules:
    • XENX022 Academic Reading (2 op) 
    • XENX023 Academic Vocabulary (2 op) 
    • XENX024 Grammar for Writing (2 op)
    • XENX026 Pronunciation (2 op) 


Questions concerning your studies: