Exchange Students

Talvipäivä Laajavuoressa

Exchange students are welcome to take courses at the Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication. Some language courses start from the beginning, some require previous knowledge of the particular language and some courses are general communication and culture courses. To choose the right courses, use the information and help provided here on our web pages. 

What languages would you like to study?

Exchange students are generally not required to take any language courses by the University of Jyväskylä, but their home university or the rules of the exchange programme may require such studies. Also, it is easier and more interesting to live in Finland if you know a little bit of Finnish; so at least the Survival Finnish course is strongly recommended for all those with no previous skills in Finnish. Studying and learning in English may also require that you update your skills in academic English. You can also choose advanced courses in other languages if you already have skills in that particular language (basic language courses are usually taught in Finnish).

Recommended courses for exchange students spring term 2021. NB. Course selection not definite, subject to changes.

Course offer, teaching schedule and course registration for each semester is in SISU, the study data registry of the University of Jyväskylä.

The following pages provide a closer look on our teaching, courses offered each semester vary:      


Questions concerning your studies: