Language Courses for International Students

Become a competent academic expert with your language skills

Language skills help deepen your competence in your chosen field of study. Multilingual and intercultural know-how is a definite asset when looking for a career. In most fields today, work takes place in multilingual teams and working communities, and with international partners and stakeholders.

You can develop your language skills in many ways. At Movi you can start a completely new language or enhance your existing skills. Knowing different languages is beneficial when learning new ones.

In addition to our language courses, please check the other ways Movi offers for developing your multilingual and intercultural competenceCourses Related to Multilingualism and Intercultural Communication — Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication (

Language skills provide you with a broader understanding of your own field of study

  • Specialisation and research interests
  • Use of original sources
  • Understanding different schools of thought better
  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Study exchange or internships
  • Communicating effectively in multilingual and international teams and networks
  • International conferences

Things to think about

  • What is the significance of language skills in your field of study and future career?
  • How does knowing other languages benefit you when learning a new language?
  • What is multilingualism?
  • How can you develop your language skills during your free time?


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