For In­de­pendent Stu­dying

A wide variety of materials, support for self-study and tips for fun language learning 

Did you notice that gaining good knowledge in a language requires more than just active participation in a course? You have to embolden yourself and use the language also outside of the classroom walls, learning from different media and everyday life. Don't worry!  Luckily, we are in Finland, and you probably already noticed that Finnish is all around you!

You can also study Finnish with online self-study materials. The materials ideally support the courses, or they can be used for self-study. 

Don't be alone!

Study with a friend

  • Each One Teach One (EOTO)
    Learn Finnish with a native speaker of Finnish and teach him or her your own mother tongue. You can study Finnish in the EOTO programme at different language proficiency levels. 

Study something about Finnish that interests you – either alone, with a partner or in a group – and learn the Finnish language at the same time. You can complete the Suunnista Suomessa self-study project at different language proficiency levels, but only after Everyday Finnish.  

Practise your listening skills and reacting in Finnish

  • Korvat auki!
    These exercises are suitable for the Everyday Finnish and Study life Finnish (A2–B1) levels. 

Do you understand spoken Finnish? Listen to Finns in the library. What do they talk about and how – in real life! This material is suitable for the Everyday Finnish or Study life Finnish (A2–B1) levels.

Learn about the Finnish dialects! This material is very suitable for the Finnish in the society or Academic Finnish (B2–C1) levels. 

Watch and listen to presentations about Finland, and practise by doing exercises. You can use this material at different language proficiency levels for oral presentations. The instructions are suitable for preparing oral presentations in Everyday Finnish, Study life Finnish and Finnish in the society courses (A2–B2). 

Follow Mikael’s day and learn to talk about how you feel. This material is perfect for the Everyday Finnish level or when you are revising for the Study life Finnish course (A2).  

Learn spoken Finnish with Mikael. This material is suitable for the Finnish in the society and Academic Finnish (B1–B2) levels. 

Open the mysteries of media with Mikael and practise efficient strategies. This material is suitable for the Everyday Finnish and Study life Finnish (A2–B1) levels.