My Finnish - Language functions and central structures

Language functions

Social interaction

  • Introduction to Finnish communication culture
  • Handling informal daily situations in Finnish
  • Running simple everyday errands in Finnish
  • Recognising spoken language as a phenomenon

Telling and describing

  • Sharing the basics about yourself
  • Looking for a solution to small everyday problems
  • Expressing basic opinions

Understandingand searching for information in Finnish

  • Picking up familiar words, the theme and concrete information from texts meaningful to you
  • Recognising familiar words


Developing as a language learner 

  • Becoming aware of your personal learning strategies and developing them, setting personal goals
  • Getting to know the environment, understanding its significance and utilising it in language acquisition
  • Utilising context, body language and other visual support
  • Getting to know different tools that support learning

Central structures

Learning to use for example:

  • different types of interrogative clauses
  • present tense of verbs and basic types of the simple past tense
  • expressions of place: where? where from? where to?
  • personal pronouns, the most common noun types (e.g. words ending in -nen, s-words, i-words), partitive case, basic form of plural (pyörä > pyörät), consonant gradation (nk > ng, kk > k)
  • ‘Minulla on’ -possessive structure and the genitive case
  • expressions of necessity
  • expressions of time, basic conjunctions
  • forms of spoken and written language



Recognising and understanding in context:

  • the conditional, simple past negative, noun types, object in a sentence