Study life Finnish - Language functions and central structures

Language functions

Social interaction

  • Knowledge of Finnish daily communication culture
  • Fluent handling of informal daily situations in Finnish
  • Using Finnish in more formal and semi-official situations
  • Understanding and using spoken language when the topic is familiar

Telling and describing

  • Describing your own sphere of life rather clearly and consistently but not yet very precisely
  • Discussing and sharing opinions on a familiar and meaningful topic, justifying opinions briefly
  • Sharing information (chosen according to your personal interests) that you have collected from different sources and edited
  • Writing short messages related to your own sphere of life as well as formal messages

Understandingand searching for information in Finnish

  • Perceiving textual structure and understanding the main issues and some details in different types of media texts where the topic is predictable and meaningful for you
  • Understanding the theme and main issues in clear standard Finnish speech and picking up some details related to abstract topics as well
  • Understanding the theme and picking up essential information from conversation in normal-rate spoken Finnish

Developing as a language learner 

  • Awareness of you own language proficiency profile; active development of learning strategies and setting learning outcomes
  • Observing language and actively utilising the environment also outside of the classroom
  • Applying and developing literacy and information searching skills
  • Extending the utilisation of different tools that support learning

Central structures

Learning to use for example:

  • Systematic expressions of time: past, perfect and pluperfect tenses
  • features of newspaper language: present and past passive, has to be done-structure
  • conditional modus
  • plural of the nouns
  • object and predicative
  • expressing place: postpositions
  • word derivation
  • features of spoken language
  • verbs of emotion and sense
  • characteristics of Finnish politeness

Recognising and understanding in context:

  • features of newspaper language: most simple participles as adjectives, participial phrases and more complicated sentence structures