Be Yourself in Finnish

This is how you do it
Study Finnish for yourself - you will learn the skills that you need daily. Therefore, identify your needs!
Use all your languages What do you already know? What languages do you already speak? Don’t be afraid of mixing the languages you know – body language is also a language! The main thing is that interaction works.
You learn a language by using it Don’t hesitate to use Finnish as soon as you start studying it – especially outside the classroom. Don’t give up even if people speak English to you – respond in Finnish as much as you can!
First you identify, then you produce Learning is a cyclic process: We don’t learn everything at once but return to the same things again and again. But something new is added every time.
Dare to try new ways of learning! In order to learn, you need to work both alone and together with others. Self-reflection helps you to see how you learn and to find suitable ways of learning languages. Interaction can still be learned only through interaction. In groups, you also learn to give and receive feedback and see different ways of studying languages.
There is more than one Finnish! Language has different variants, and it is used in different ways in different situations. Colloquial and literary language differ from each other in all languages, so we consider both in teaching. We use authentic materials in class to help you handle different situations in Finnish.
Different emotions are part of the learning process – including fear and joy Being aware of your emotions affects how well you identify your needs as well as how you set and achieve your goals.
Finnish is not the most difficult language in the world, even if some people say so All languages have their own peculiar and funny features.