MIC goals and learning outcomes

With the rapid increase of internationalism throughout the personal, corporate, and public spheres of societies, communication in a foreign language and intercultural communication skills are required more and more often at a level of proficiency which presupposes active, creative and professionally-oriented use of the foreign language in a variety of socio-cultural contexts both in the home country and abroad.

The overall aims of the Multilingual Intercultural Competence (MIC) are

  • To enhance students’ intercultural competence and internationalisation required from all graduates
  • To build students’ confidence and expertise in intercultural communication
  • To encourage students to build and use their multilingual competence
  • To encourage students to participate in multilingual and intercultural groups and dyads
  • To offer an alternative for non-mobile students and supplementary studies for mobile students
  • To offer a coherent structure for recording competences related to intercultural communication, multiculturalism, and multilingualism in a format that better demonstrates what a graduate knows, understands, and can do

On completion of the MIC, the students are expected to:

  • be aware of different aspects of cultural diversity
  • be able to understand and respect cultural and linguistic diversity
  • recognise and understand major issues and phenomena in the areas of intercultural communication, multiculturalism, and multilingualism
  • be able to understand and analyse how culture, communication, and language are connected
  • be able to analyse one’s own communication, emotional and cognitive reactions, and behaviour from a cultural perspective
  • have gained communicative competence in at least two foreign languages
  • be able to adapt to different communication styles in different languages, e.g. to take account of the linguistic repertoire of their various communication partners in bi- and multilingual groups and use translanguaging for communicative effectiveness

When a student has completed 25 ECTS of different studies that support the internationalization process (s)he may apply to Movi for a certificate of Multilingual Intercultural Competence. For more information, please contact lotta.o.kokkonen@jyu.fi.