Multilingual Intercultural Competence (MIC) 25 ECTS

With the rapid increase of internationalism throughout the personal, corporate, and public spheres of societies, multilingual communication skills and intercultural awareness and competence are required more and more often at a level which presupposes active, creative and professionally-oriented participation in a variety of socio-cultural contexts both in the home country and abroad.

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The Multilingual Intercultural Competence (MIC) is a certificate that offers degree students at the University of Jyväskylä the chance to invest in the development of their internationalization capabilities and demonstrate their competence. MIC can include studies completed in the form of courses run by the Jyväskylä University's Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication Movi, for subject departments and as an exchange student, for instance.  

When a student has completed 25 ECTS of different studies that support the internationalization process (s)he may apply to Movi for a certificate of Multilingual Intercultural Competence. MIC Goals and learning outcomes

The required 25 ECTS consist of

  • A compulsory introductory course: XYHX003 Fundamentals in intercultural and multilingual communication 5 ECTS   

  •  Studies from the following areas: 

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