Spanish language and culture studies

The Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication offers Spanish courses for you to learn Spanish and to gain insight on the Spanish and Latin American cultures.

You can study Spanish from beginners' leven to more advanced and academic courses under the guidance of native teachers. The already acquired Spanish language skills can be gained through basic academic courses. Also, there are courses about Latin American history, politics, society, economics, media and literature.


 After learning Spanish you have the opportunity to communicate with over 500 million people. Spanish is the world's third most spoken language and official language in 21 countries. It is also one of the official languages of the EU and is widely used, for example, in the business world.


Registration for the courses takes place in SISU.

Basic Courses:
Basic Academic Level Courses:

Estos cursos optativos se pueden estudiar en otoño y/o primavera.  Los cursos tienen una duración de 24 horas de clase de contacto (regularmente dos horas por semana).  Los cursos tienen el propósito de incrementar y reforzar la competencia lingüística en español. Estos cursos trabajan de manera individual  tres de  las cuatro áreas de la lengua: comprensión de textos, producción oral y escrita. En estos cursos la lengua de enseñanza es español.


Estudios Latinoamericanos:

This module is designed to provide a broad overview of the Latin American countries. The course themes are related to Latin American history, politics, society, literature, media, economy and intercultural business communication. The main language of instruction is English, but Spanish will also be used because the course objective is also to familiarise students with academic and professional Spanish.

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