Staff Training  (Languages and Communication)

KielikeskusluentoMovi's training for JYU staff includes short communication and language courses. This staff training has been designed based on JYU’s language policy and focuses on written and speech communication, Finnish as a second language, and English. The courses support written communication and spoken interaction in the workplace. The courses in Finnish as a second language range from beginner’s courses to those enhancing the basic skills needed in the workplace. Our offerings in English include different courses that activate language skills as well as advanced speech communication courses. All the courses have been designed so that you can easily participate while working.  

A unique part of our staff training is the Each one Teach One programme, in which the participants teach their native language to each other and study their partner’s language.

The TACE programme is a popular staff training course that combines various teaching methods in a multicultural and multilingual group to bring awareness and pedagogical skills to bear on the modern, international classroom.

For more information on Movi's staff training, please see the staff training calendar or contact Development Manager Mikko Jäkälä: