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INTEGRA has been a four-year project funded by the Finnish Ministry of  Education and Culture until 31 July 2021, after which the funding has come from the University. The project develops an educational model that integrates university language and content studies for immigrants who have completed or are qualified for higher education and aim to finish their interrupted degree studies or complement a prior degree in compliance with Finnish qualification requirements. The aim is to create a permanent model that can be applied in other higher education institutions as well. The training can also serve as individual integration training, for which the students may receive unemployment benefits. In addition to the educational objectives, the model seeks to promote immigrants’ integration into society as well as the development of multilingual competence and university pedagogy.

The INTEGRA training does not lead to a university degree, and the students cannot automatically continue into degree studies at the university or at another higher education institutions after the training. However, the training and the guidance received in it will help students to continue in degree studies afterwards.


  • Contact person Marita Häkkinen
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