INTEGRA has been presented both nationally and internationally, e.g. 

  • Erasmus+ Seminar: Better Integration of Refugees and Migrants in the Nordic and Baltic Region, National Agency of Education, Helsinki 10.–12.10.2017.
  • University of Easterm Finland's MAMUEF-pilot (part project of the PROMEQ-consortium), presentation on university studies for refugees, Kuopio 9.11.2017.
  • AFinLA- symposium, Turku 13.11.2017.
  • Erasmus+ Staff Training Week: Migrants and refugees in higher education in European universities, University of Jyväskylä 15.–19.1.2018.
  • Hankemylly – Projects on immigration and integration in Central Finand, Jyväskylä 8.2.2018.
  • Erasmus+ Staff Training week: Higher Education Supporting Refugees in Europe (Socio-Economic Integration-Inclusion in the labour market), Sapienza University, Rome 16.–20.4.2018.
  • Spring Forum of internationalization for Finnish HEIs (Global Responsibility: Supporting integration path of migrant prospective students in Finnish higher education), Jyväskylä 18.5.2018.
  • NOREK (Nordplus programme) networking meeting, JSBE, University of Jyväskylä 20.6.2018.
  • LTRC 2018: 40th Language Testing Research Colloquium, Auckland (New Zealand) 2.–6.7.2018.
  • AFinLa-symposium, Joensuu 9.–10.11.2018.
  • EUCEN Autumn Seminar 2018: Embracing Cultural Diversity in University Lifelong Learning, Barcelona 15.–16.11.2018.
  • ReCLaS (Research Collegium for Language in Changing Society) meeting: Migrants in Nordic working life – second language needs, skills and use, University of Jyväskylä 29.11.2018.
  • LIF2019 – The 6th International Language in Focus Conference: Language, Research, and Teaching in the 21st Century, Dubrovnik 2.–4.5.2019.
  • NORDAND 14: Nordic Languages as a Second Language, University of Copenhagen, Kööpenhamina 27.–29.5.2019.
  • Language Centre Days 2019, Hanken School of economics, Aalto University  and University of Helsinki, Helsinki 6.–7.6.2019.
  • Staff Exchange and Partner Week 2019: Access and admission of international students to higher education, University of Jyväskylä 5.6.2019
  • Higher Education Values in Practice - Integration of highly skilled refugees and at-risk academics in Europe - a joint stakeholder event organized by GREET and Academic Refuge projects, European Committee of the Regions, Brussels. 13.-14.6.2019.