Highly educated and university eligible immigrants in universities

INTEGRA-project examines the readiness and resources of Finnish universities to accept highly educated and university eligible immigrants in the integration phase. The report scouts out the views of university administrators and practical actors by surveys and interviews, which are then utilized in finding out questions relating to the civic responsibility, funding and teaching, support and guidance. National recommendations for the integration of highly educated and university eligible immigrants into university studies will be drafted based on the project. The report on the results of the project will be published in spring 2021.

Responsible leader: Peppi Taalas,
University teacher Aija Virtanen,
Project researcher Minna Bogdanoff,
Intern Jimi Kotkajuuri,
Project assistant Essi Koskela,

The socialisation and participation of highly educated immigrants in the academic context

Estimated duration of the research 1.1.2020–31.12.2025.

The research conducted on the second phase of the project focuses on the learning processes of a foreign language, the social relationships and networks and the experiences on the above-mentioned themes of the students in the project. One target of observation is the students’ participation and possibilities to function as a member of the Finnish society. Also the pedagogical execution and functionality of the education model are examined. The research data consists of teaching material, student assignments and evaluations, interviews and interaction material gathered during the training. The gathered material can also be used in teaching, continuing education and the reports of the INTEGRA-project.

Responsible director: Peppi Taalas

Coordinator Marita Häkkinen (
Teacher Jussi Jussila (
University teacher Lotta Kokkonen (
University teacher Tuija Lehtonen (
University teacher Nina Reiman (
University teacher Johanna Saario (
University teacher Aija Virtanen (

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The socialisation and participation of highly educated immigrants in the Finnish university context

The research project  studies the language learning and integration of immigrants with higher education degrees and experience from various perspectives. The multidisciplinary research team aims at understanding the demands and opportunities of language learning in INTEGRA, a novel language training model being developed at the University of Jyväskylä. The data are collected from the INTEGRA development project.

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