UVK – Restructured communication and language studies

The JYU Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication is renewing the communication and language studies of bachelor’s degrees in collaboration with departments and faculties


UVK (short for the Finnish uusiutuvat viestintä- ja kieliopinnot) refers to communication and language teaching that is multilingual, discipline specific and timely. The aim is to create a harmonious university study module, in which communication and language studies are integrated with major and minor subject studies, supporting them and enhancing students’ academic skills. The feedback from faculties, departments and students on fluent and meaningful studying has been considered in planning UVK. The content of the studies has simultaneously been updated to meet the needs of the changing world.

What is changing?

  • Discipline-specific communication and language studies are planned and implemented collaboratively by Movi’s teacher team and the staff and students of each department and faculty
  • UVK communication and language studies consist of phenomenon-based courses (academic literacy, multilingual interaction, research communication) where several languages (Finnish, English, Swedish, etc.) are used based on the objectives of the degree
  • The renewal concerns bachelor’s students who begin their studies at JYU after the launching of UVK



UVK development work is being carried out gradually in the faculties. Planning has been scheduled for all faculties according to the resources available. The last pilots will be launched in 2020. 

Further information