Forssén Terhi, teacher (part-time)

Forssén Terhi, teacher (part-time)
O 212


  • Creative writing and multilingual creative writing courses
  • Small group text workshops in academic reporting
  • Maturity exams in Finnish
  • Online courses in research reporting 


  •  M.A. (Finnish literature, University of Jyväskylä)
  • Finnish language and literature teacher qualification, University of Jyväskylä  


  • Rikasta kieltä! -hanke (Enrich your language! project): Developmeng of poetry-based courses for different language learning audiences 

Areas of Interest

  • Processes and features of poetry as a tool to deepen one’s writing skills and expression 


  • Member of European Association of Creative Writing Programs (EACWP) 

International Mobility and Cooperation

  • Erasmus+ staff exchange at the University of Cardiff 2015 

(Select) Publications

  • Forssén, T., Javne, I. Kalenius, L. & Kozlov, D. 2018. Runopakka – runon kirjoittamiseen johdatteleva korttipakkamuotoinen oppimateriaali. Helsinki: Runousyhdistys Nihil Interit. 
  • Kakkuri, I., Forssén, T. & Saastamoinen, M. 2009. Akateemisen kirjoittamisen solmukohtia avattiin Tukea kirjoittamiseen -kurssilla. LukSitko 2, 33.