Lahtela Lisa, senior lecturer

Lahtela Lisa, senior lecturer
Ag D221.2

Lecturer in English
Teaching academic English primarily in the Faculties of Information Systems Science, Humanities and Education, and for doctoral and post-doctoral students and university staff and researchers in all fields. 

Developing, planning and teaching in the International Masters Degree Programmes (IMDPs)

Exemption examinations and English certificates for outgoing exchange students

Head teacher for the English team (2014-2016)

GDH (Graduate Dental Hygiene, University of Minnesota, USA)
B.Sc. (Dental Hygiene Public Health, University of Minnesota, USA)
M.A. (TESL Linguistics, Iowa State University, USA)

Special expertise
Work with the Upper Level Language Tests (YKI): item writer, interviewer trainer, rater/assessor, proof-reader.

Research interests
Strategic funding project 2013-2019: Development of assessment for academic language and communication skills (IMDPs)

International Conference Presentations
EuroCALL at JYU (2018): Online tools for admissions screening of global student populations for international MA programmes

EuroCALL at JYU (2018): Designing a multilingual blended learning environment for BA level students in Education and Designing a multilingual blended learning environment for BA level students in Education

EuroCALL in Limassol, Cyprus (2016): Use of multimodal technologies for online screening of student academic English and academic readiness for IMDP admissions

Erasmus plus staff exchange week at JYU (2017): IMDP application screening process for academic English and academic readiness at the University of Jyvaskyla

ALTE (Assoc. of Language Testing Europe) in Bologna, Italy (2017): From global student populations to localized HE settings: An example of an IMDP screening process for academic English and readiness

CoDesigns. Envisioning Multi-sited Language Education Policies at JYU (2016): Changing Policy for IMDP admissions: Screening for student academic English and academic readiness

26th Communication Skills Workshop at Helsinki Univ. (2013): Panel Discussion: The state of EAP/ESP instruction in higher education in Finland and the delegates' countries

30th Jyväskylä Summer School of Applied Linguistics - Insights into applied linguistics: languaging, agency and ecologies at JYU (2012): Supporting Writing Practices within a University Community: The Development of University of Jyväskylä's Finnish & English Writing Modules

The 16th World Congress of Applied Linguistics in Beijing, China (2011): Academic Writing Modules: A project for tailoring writing instruction for postgraduate researchers and staff

TESOL 2011 Annual Convention and Exhibit - abstract - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (2011): Academic Writing Modules: Tailoring Instruction for Postgraduate Researchers and Staff

11th International CercleS Conference at Helsinki Univ. (2010): Developing academic writing modules for university staff, researchers, and postgraduates