Accessible Movi

We aim to make your studies at the Centre for Multilingual Academic Communicationas as accessible as possible.

Movi's instructions for students

  • If you have special needs related to studies (e.g. dyslexia, a visual or hearing impairment or a panic disorder), contact the teacher well before the course begins.
  • Make a study plan with the teacher (e.g. about modes of completion and study aids).
  • In addition to your overall personal study plan, make a communication and language studies plan that takes into account your goals and special needs.
  • Start your communication and language studies early enough so that they support your other studies.
  • Movi studies are completed according to requirements but, when possible, with individual arrangements.

Each student is responsible for their own studies.


Teachers' thoughts

"Toivon aina, että opiskelijat tulevat kertomaan erityistarpeistaan hyvissä ajoin. Henkilökohtaisessa keskustelussa asiat selkiytyvät ja suunnitellaan yhdessä ratkaisuja."
- Merja, Lecturer of Speech Communication

"Students can complete courses with the same level of difficulty but in different ways. In this way it is fair for all but flexible." 
- Margaret, English Lecturer

"Om du inte vågar tala svenska hjälper jag dig gärna." 
- Camilla, Swedish Lecturer