Recognition of Prior Learning (AHOT)

Please note that Movi is out of office 28.6. - 1.8., during which the decisions on the recognition of prior learning of language and communication studies (AHOT) won't be made.

If equivalent language and communication courses as required in a JYU degree have been completed in another higher education institute, they can be recognized into the JYU degree through an application
(See Principles for the Recognition of Prior Learning of Language and Communication Studies). The application is done electronically and the recognition is marked into the study data systems with the original course name, institution, ECTS and grade. The recognized courses and credits will be marked with a separate code into the transcript. The responsible person for the Recognition of Prior Learning at Movi is the Head of Student and Academic Affairs Ulla Lautiainen.

Studies completed abroad during JYU student exchange can be included into your degree as mandatory / optional courses (See Principles for the Recognition of Prior Learning of Language and Communication Studies). Please attach an officially certified copy of the transcript of studies from the host university and a copy of the course description, showing language and content of the course, number of credits and grading scale.

The recognition of the language and communication courses depends on the content of the courses, learning outcomes and goals, number of ECTS-credits and the demand level of the course, which are then compared to the JYU course to be recognized through prior learning.

NB! The Board of Movi has decided that as of 1 August 2020 that language and communication courses older than 10 years cannot be recognized into the degree.

Apply Electronically

  • Electronic AHOT-form
  • Please attach:
    • Officially certified copy of the degree document and/or transcript of studies showing the previously completed courses in a Finnish HEI (either certified by the HEI or by two individuals)
    • Copy of the course description with the content of the course, learning goals and outcomes as well as the number of ECTS credits

Principles for Recognition