Grading system

Examinations, as well as Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication courses, use either the pass-fail scale or the 1-5 scale in evaluation. Exemption exams follow the same evaluation criteria as the equivalent courses. Course grades are based on student performance during contact lessons and on the quality of their assignments, as well as on the test results, if the course includes tests. Students have the right to know at the beginning of the course which evaluation system will be followed.

Should the student not be satisfied with the grade that he/she has got for speech communication skills, a separate exam may be arranged. This exam is evaluated by two teachers of the language in question. Complaints about grading must be presented to the teacher in question or to the Director of Movi within one month of the date of the exam results.

If the student continues to be dissatisfied with the grade, he/she may appeal to the examination board of Movi. The instructions and regulations for this procedure are presented in the University of Jyväskylä Examination statutes.

Proficiency level descriptions

University of Jyväskylä examination guidelines

You can find the official examination regulations of the University here.