Movi's broad choice of courses offers you modules that support going abroad for an exchange or internship. You can also find ways to become international right here at the University of Jyväskylä, such as the MIC certificate on language studies. 

Planning an exchange?

At the University of Jyväskylä, going on exchange is easy. Read more about the destinations, application times and practical issues on the pages of the International Office

Info material for those going on exchange

Language certificates and tests 

Some exchange programmes require a proof of language skills. Read more about language certificates and tests.

Language apprenticeship

  • Betriebspraktikum in Deutschland (7 ECTS) - internship in Germany. For more information, please contact
  • KLanguage apprenticeship in Liège, Belgium (8 - 9 ECTS). For more information, please contact


The Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication offers many courses that support internationalisation. These courses prepare you for your exchange period and make it an even more rewarding experience. 

Consider what languages you need during your exchange period or later in working life and check Movi's language course offerings

One alternative for becoming more international is to take part in the Each One Teach One programme, in which you get to know students from different countries and learn different languages. 

After the exchange or internship

If you wish to get course compensation on the basis of previous studies or international exchange and internship periods, you are required to complete a special application form. Because this mostly concerns the degree-specific compulsory studies of Finnish students, the specific regulations and criteria regarding this option are provided in Finnish. For more information, please contact

International students should contact their study counsellor in cases where they have compulsory language studies that might be compensated for in some way. In the case of English-medium master's programmes, the compulsory research communication course or courses cannot be compensated for by previous studies.  They are intended to support the academic written and oral communication skills needed in the program, including the thesis writing process of the students.

Multilingual Intercultural Competence (MIC) 25 ECTS

With the rapid increase of internationalism throughout the personal, corporate, and public spheres of society, multilingual communication skills and intercultural awareness and competence are required more and more often at a level which presupposes active, creative and professionally oriented participation in a variety of sociocultural contexts both in one's home country and abroad.

What is MIC?

The Multilingual Intercultural Competence (MIC) is a certificate that offers degree students at the University of Jyväskylä the chance to invest in the development of their internationalisation capabilities and demonstrate their competence. MIC can include studies completed in the form of courses run by the University of Jyväskylä’s Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication, for subject departments and as an exchange student, for instance.

Read more about the MIC certificate.

Photos above: Kati Rantala-Lehtola, Minna Sorri