Movi’s mission is to promote internationalisation at the University of Jyväskylä. For Movi, multilingual and intercultural competences are at the heart of internationalisation and working life. Movi offers both students and staff tools for developing these competences.


Multilingual and intercultural competence consists of knowledge, skills and attitudes. They relate to the way of viewing the world and understanding competence development as a lifelong process. That is what Moving Mindsets is about.


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According to the JYU strategy, all students at the university develop a JYUIdentity, which, among other things, includes strong interaction competence, language skills and cultural awareness as well as global and ethical responsibility.

(Strategy of the University of Jyväskylä 2019–2030)

“Internationality means that you learn to communicate effectively in various situations in cooperation with people from different cultural backgrounds and starting points. Internationality is a skill as much as any other, and you can learn it and develop in it.”
- Tomislav, IT student

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The Movi on the move page provides current information and articles related to multilingual and intercultural competence as well as Movi’s projects promoting internationalisation.