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20.5.2020 Kokkonen & Natri in JUYnity: Moving Mindsets: Redifining internationalisation during the coronavirus

27.11.2019 Kokkonen, Natri & Jalkanen in JYUnity: Multilingual and intercultural competences are at the heart of internationalisation

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Cooperation with faculties and departments

The project Multilingual and intercultural competences are at the heart of internationalisation (A link to the project website will be available soon.)

Movi’s pedagogical development project (Multilingual and intercultural competences are at the heart of internationalisation) is being implemented in cooperation with JYU’s departments. This is how internationalisation becomes a natural part of students’ competences and degrees, irrespective of whether they go on exchange and internships abroad or engage in internationalisation initiatives at the home university.

The recognition and evaluation of multilingual and intercultural competence (supporting the visualisation and verbalisation of competence)

As part of our pedagogical development project (Monikielinen ja -kulttuurinen osaaminen kansainvälistymisen ydinkompetenssina – yhteisöllinen ja osallisuutta edistävä pedagogiikka), we have developed a learning-conducive assessment model to support students’ multilingual and intercultural competence. The model also enhances students’ understanding of what this competence is about. In the model, assessment is a learning tool – a tool suitable for self- and peer assessment, which takes into account the situational and culturally bound nature of interaction. (Examples and a more detailed description of the assessment model will be available soon.)