Exemption from Academic Reading courses

The exemption exam is intended as an option for students of Business and Economics, Information Technology, Mathematics and Science, and Sport and Health Sciences who already master the skills developed during the academic reading course. The exam usually requires the students to locate the main information of a lengthy discipline-specific text and to synthesise and report it in Finnish, Swedish or in English - and all this in two hours. The texts are chosen on the basis of the student's main subject.

The exam is arranged three times a year and you are allowed two attempts. The exam dates for 2021-2022 are Friday 1.10.2021, 4.2.2022 and 27.5.2022.

In order to take an exemption exam in academic reading and comprehension, you need to register as a candidate in Sisu not later than 2 weeks before the examination. This procedure is necessary, because all candidates have exams that have been tailored to their specific fields and degree requirements.

If you are an international student in a degree programme that requires the academic reading course and you wish to be exempted from the course, please contact the English teacher responsible for the reading course at your faculty three weeks before the exam date.

Academic Reading exemption

XENI001 - Jani Ylönen and Hanna Brauer 
XENL001 – Fergal Carolan (spring 2022 Hillamaria Pirhonen)
XENM001 - Aaron Orszag 
XENT001 - Christopher Jarvis
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You can prepare for the exemption exam by developing your extensive reading strategies independently and by reading scientific texts and research reports in your own field. Besides the library, you can find suitable texts from your own field at sciencedirect.com. Pay attention to what reporting conventions seem to be typical of your field, e.g. characteristics of quantitative and qualitative reporting, argumentative essays, etc. The most common exam task would be to summarize in some form the main points of a scientific report or article for the purpose of introducing the content in e.g. a seminar situation. The summary must be presented in your own words, i.e. you should not try to translate the texts or copy sentences or expressions directly.

Examples of the task types (Suomeksi & English)

Evaluation criteria

The criteria for exemption from an academic reading course are the same as what is required on the course, i.e. you must be able to locate and summarise in Finnish the main information of a lengthy domain-specific scientific text, and sometimes also to explain some main concepts in Finnish or in English. Time management also counts, as the purpose is not to translate the text, but to use appropriate extensive reading strategies to find the information needed for a summary. Although summaries naturally also reflect personal interests, academic writers do have specific points that they wish to make in their writing - it is these points that should form the main content of your summary. The exemption exam is evaluated on a scale of pass/fail.