Working on Campus in English – English for staff members

We here at Movi have created a ’hop-on-hop-off’ staff training system of English for all JYU staff members. You can join all our seven courses in the order which best suits your needs and work schedule. All courses are taught in English. Enroll for the courses in staff training calendar.

English courses for staff

Watch the videos! University lecturers Miia Konttinen and Elena Kirk warmly welcome all University staff members for the English courses. 

Activate your English 

Next group: autumn term 2023

Are your English skills a bit ‘rusty’ and does this at times affect your work? Do you feel that you lack the confidence to use English?

This course provides you with tools to use English more fluently and effectively at your work here at JYU. Furthermore it gives a confidence boost to put your current skills into use.

This course is targeted for staff members with intermediate competence, who wish to activate the English they already have in respect to both receptive and productive skills.

Develop your English 

Next group: spring term 2024

Are you able to cope with English but would you still like to polish your skills? Do you wish to become all in all more fluent in terms of using English as part of your work here at JYU?

This course is targeted for staff members with a relatively good command of English and who wish to develop and fine-tune their English skills. The course consists of a variety of work-related activities done in pairs and small groups and all the activities are in the best way possible tailored to meet the participants' needs when it comes to working at JYU in English. By the end of the course you will be better prepared to e.g.

  • discuss work-related themes and topics in English
  • deliver different types of professional oral presentations/speeches in English
  • chair and participate in meetings in English

Focus on your Grammar

Next group: spring term 2024

Would you like to revisit the basics of English grammar and gain new insights to it? Do you wish to gain more fluency to your English writing? Would you like to learn new strategies for improving your writing in English in relation to your daily tasks at work?

This course provides you guidance for overcoming those tricky situations with English grammar and gives you tips for writing more effectively, fluently and politely in English. Moreover, the course will help you in terms of coping with the writing process as a whole, as well as boost your confidence to seize the work assignments, which require the use of written English.

Focus on your Pronunciation 

Next group: spring term 2023

This short module for university staff will cover key sounds in English which are challenging for users of English as a foreign language. We will compare differences between the mother tongue and English, with the goal of increasing awareness of the contrasts. Practical application of contrasts will be conducted in the language studio with individual feedback.

By the end of the module participants are expected to:

  • have an understanding of the key contrasts in pronunciation between the mother tongue and English
  • know correct positions of head and neck structures for producing specific sounds
  • have a clear sense of the rhythmic structure of the English language
  • be able to personally assess their own pronunciation needs

Engage in Discussion

Next group: spring term 2023

Do you wish to gain more confidence and overall fluency to engaging in discussions in English? Do you sometimes feel reluctant to actively participate in discussions due to a fear of “not finding the right words” or not understanding your counterpart’s message?

 This course is targeted for staff members with a relatively good command of English and who wish to become more confident and active participants in formal, as well as informal, discussions in English. The main purpose of the course is to provide its participants chances to engage in discussions on a variety of topics.

Each session will have its own theme and the themes will vary from formal academic topics to everyday life issues depending on the participants’ interests.

Teaching in English

Next group: autumn term 2024

Are you currently teaching or planning to teach your subject in English? Do you find it more demanding to implement your pedagogical ideas and achieve your instructional goals when you switch from teaching in your first language to teaching in English?

This course is designed to develop your confidence and provide you with useful tools and strategies to make your classes more engaging and to interact more effectively with your students in English. The course consists of seven thematic sessions, focusing on using English in various settings, such as lectures, small group teaching, feedback and assessment situations, guidance, and admission interviews. The course provides opportunities for participants to approach and reflect on these themes from the perspective of their own practice.