Chinese courses

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Language of instruction: English and Chinese

Chinese 1 XKI0005

This is a beginner level course for both Finnish and international students. The course begins with the basic Chinese phonetic alphabet spelling system. It includes basic Chinese grammar, daily phrases and simple dialogues. The students are required to recognize the 50 most commonly used characters. Upon successful completion of the course, students’ Chinese level could approach HSK level 1 (Equivalent to European framework A1).

Chinese 2 XKI0006

The students will build up more useful survival vocabulary and learn Chinese grammar for coping with common daily situations. The course focuses on oral communication in social, work and study situations. Some cultural aspects and features of Chinese societal norms will be covered.  After the course, the students will recognize more than 100 characters. Their Chinese language level will reach HSK level 1 (Equivalent to the European framework A2).

Chinese 3 XKI0007

The language of instruction is Chinese (English when needed).The students will learn to talk about familiar topics in various ways. New phrases, expressions and a more ‘complex’ vocabulary will be built up. The study of Chinese grammar is one of the focuses in this course. The Chinese phonetic alphabet spelling system is only used for new vocabulary. The aim is to reach HSK level 2 (Equivalent to European framework B1).

Chinese 4 XKI0008

The language of instruction is Chinese. The students will learn more advanced phrases, grammar and vocabulary. The course will focus on reading comprehension, oral and written communication. The Chinese phonetic alphabet spelling system is only used for new vocabulary. The outcome of the course is to master HSK 2, and potentially an even higher level (Equivalent to European framework B1.2-2).

Chinese 5 XKI0009


This is an advanced Chinese course. It is suitable for: the students who have completed Chinese 4 or an equivalent level; or for those who want to continue studying Chinese at an advanced level after they have accomplished an exchange program in China or other Chinese speaking areas.

 In this course the reading skills of the students will be developed, and the vocabulary will be enlarged through reading short texts, stories and idioms. The students can proficiently interact, describe, explain and compare a range of texts on familiar topics. The students learn advanced Chinese grammar. The students’ Chinese language level is expected to reach HSK 4 level (B2.2-C1).

Chinese Phonetic and Pronunciation XKIX009

Chinese is an intonation language; articulation and pronunciation are particularly important in Chinese speech communication. Whatever your position in life, speaking Chinese clearly with the correct pronunciation will make you better understood. This course is to help you reduce common pronunciation errors and develop more natural intonation and stress patterns. This course will deal with the Chinese phonetic alphabet spelling system, including vowel and consonant articulation manner, tones and sandhi. Previous knowledge of Chinese language is not required for this course.

Basic Chinese Communication 1 XKIX010


This is a spoken Chinese course for beginners, for both Finnish students and international students. The language of instruction is English. Please notice that knowledge of the Chinese phonetic alphabet spelling system is required. The goal of the course is to learn how to use basic Chinese in daily situations and activities in an authentic way. The course focuses on communication and discussion on simple topics that are familiar or of personal interests, such as Chinese small talk, self-introduction, doing business, ordering food etc.

Basic Chinese Communication 2 XKIX011

The language of instruction is Chinese. It is suitable for students who have already completed the Chinese 3 course or higher level.

The course promotes the students’ spoken skills, helping the students to describe things in a more accurate and detailed manner with a greater variety of vocabulary. The course also corrects errors in the speaking habits of the students. The students will be able to deal with the situations likely to arise while studying or working in China or Chinese speaking areas.

Chinese culture and business and etiquette XKIX012


The course includes different aspects of Chinese culture and some practical activities. It helps the leaners to understand the native Chinese people and their behaviors better. The course offers the students some understanding of the current China and its society. Under the business context, the student will learn the art of speaking during special occasions, such as business meeting, dining manners, making business contacts, gifts giving and other important etiquettes. 

Chinese character writing skills XKIX013


This course deals with the Chinese characters writing system. The students will begin with the Chinese radicals (basic strokes), which are the important building blocks for the characters. During the course, students will learn to write 100 basic characters; in addition they will be able to recognize 100 high frequency key words. The course helps to overcome the character obstacles and helps the students to strengthen their writing and reading abilities for taking the HSK test.

HSK test preparation course XKIX003

This is an intensive training course for the Chinese proficiency test, i.e. HSK test. The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the testing requirements and practice the necessary test skills for different levels of the HSK test. It helps the students to prepare the HSK test in terms of test introduction, online registration, test related questions, and obtaining testing materials and practice. Personal guidance and assistance will be given. The course includes: grammar for different HSK level tests, guidance for preparing the Chinese spoken proficiency test i.e. HSKK basic, intermediate and advanced levels.