Oliveira Albuquerque Parana Raul, tuntiopettaja

Oliveira Albuquerque Parana Raul, tuntiopettaja
Ag D221.2


  • M.A. student (Educational Leadership w/ specialization in Foreign Language Pedagogy, JYU)
  • B.A. (Languages and Literature w/ Teacher Certification, UFBA, Brazil) 

Areas of interest:

  • CLIL curriculum development and assessment;
  • Democratizing access to foreign language education;
  • Rapport building in language education 


  • Kilpelä, J.; Albuquerque Paraná, R. (2019). Towards purposeful education: best practices in science CLIL classrooms. In T., Pattison (Ed.). IATEFL 2018 Brighton Conference Selections (pp. 126-128). Kent, UK: IATEFL.
  • Siqueira, D. S.; Landau, J.; Albuquerque Paraná, R. (2018). Innovations and challenges in CLIL in South America. Theory into practice 1-8