Monikielisen akateemisen viestinnän keskus

The Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication - Movi

Movi designs and offers all degree specific communication and language courses. Our goal is for all students to develop multilingual academic communication competence so that they can engage in expert activities in all the languages they need, both during their studies and after completion. We offer about 600 courses every year for students and staff at the University of Jyväskylä. All our courses are free of charge.

Teaching Academic Content through English

  • Do you teach and guide your students in English?
  • Hoping to develop or refresh your skills for that?
  • Wishing that you understood your multilingual and multicultural group better?
  • Looking for new ideas and collegial support for your teaching?

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What is so unique about Movi?

Our teaching is based on the most recent research as well as on the needs of working life. All Finnish university degrees have a compulsory language and communication element. Movi's innovation and a huge undertaking has been to re-structure the degree-specific courses into multilingual entities. These run parallel the BA study content to ensure that the students learn and practice skills, strategies and content exactly when they need them.

We understand that modern society calls for diverse paths for both study trajectories and for transitioning to work life. That is why we also design courses for students with different educational and linguistic backgrounds.

Read below more about the specific studies for you. 


University studies as part of
the integration path


European University Alliance to enhance the
mobility of students and staff members


New, integrated structures for communication
and language studies

Exchange students

Exchange students are welcome to take courses at the Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication. It is definately easier and more interesting to live in Finland if you know at least a little bit Finnish. Studying and learning through English may also require that you update your skills in academic English. Or how about studying a completely new language? Remember that all studies are free of charge for our students and staff.


Movi doctoral studies

Master's degree students

At Movi you can choose additional courses according to your individual learning needs and interests. Besides language courses, what about for example selecting courses related to multilingualism and intercultural communication in order to make the most out of your international experience in Jyväskylä? 

By the master’s level, you should consider how you could distinguish yourself with your interaction and language skills in a job application situation. If you are planning on a career in Finland, now is also the time to ensure that you have
sufficient Finnish skills.  

Doctoral Researchers

At the University of Jyväskylä, you have excellent opportunities to develop your research expertise and career path also by expanding your academic communication skills, both in English and Finnish. 

The Movi courses designed for doctoral researchers support you at the various stages of your postgraduate studies – right from the first steps to the public examination of your dissertation. 

Movi teachers

Staff training

Wisdom and wellbeing for us all is the name of the University of Jyväskylä strategy. The aim is to have a capable, creative and healthy community. Movi promotes the goal by offering a range of courses to support the interaction competence of all JYU staff. 

The courses develop Finnish and English written communication and spoken interaction in the workplace. International staff have an excellent opportunity to develop their Finnish skills. The courses are designed to make it easy to participate while working.


We care 



Student wellbeing

Accessibility and student wellbeing are important to everyone at Movi. This is visible in the large selection of courses that promote studying and wellbeing.


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Movi’s mission is to promote internationalisation at the University of Jyväskylä. For Movi, multilingual and intercultural competences are at the heart of internationalisation and working life. Movi offers both students and staff tools for developing these competences.

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Care dogs

The care and reading dogs of the Kennel Club started their “work” on the campus in autumn 2018. This Knowhau programme has proved to be popular and is now expanding: more staff members are joining the team of voluntary Kennel Club instructors in Jyväskylä.

Be JYUnited.

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