Finnish as a Second Language

Photo: Iida Liimatainen

The Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication offers courses in Finnish as a Second Language for degree students, exchange students, post-graduate students and staff at the University of Jyväskylä. The courses are often optional, but some study programmes include compulsory Finnish courses in their requirements. You should check with your own faculty which language studies are compulsory for you. If you are an exchange student, you should also check whether your home university requires you to study Finnish. 

Finnish studies are of help when you live in Finland: your everyday life and also your studies are going to work out better, if you master the language and the culture of the country. If you are planning to live and work in Finland, knowledge of the Finnish language improves your chances in the labour market and makes your everyday life easier, so we recommend everybody to study Finnish – come and join the courses as soon as you arrive in Finland. 

If you are working towards a degree while studying in Finnish at the University, Finnish studies support your use of academic language and language skills in work life.

If you would like to study Finnish as a major or minor subject, please contact Finnish as a Major Subject.

I spoke Finnish actively right from the beginning of my studies. My friends know that I want to speak Finnish.
- Kanako, Japan

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