Academic Finnish - Language functions and central structures

Language functions

Social interaction

  • Mastering Finnish communication culture in formal and informal situations
  • Using Finnish fluently, precisely and according to the needs of each interaction situation

Telling and describing

  • Communicating about your own discipline appropriately and idiomatically in different situations
  • Describing abstract topics precisely and in detail, using varying vocabulary
  • Argumentation using suitable style

Understandingand searching for information in Finnish

  • Reading and understanding a long, continuous text in Finnish (e.g. a novel) and making conclusions based on it
  • Finding Finnish source materials on your own discipline with different search methods and reading Finnish source materials
  • Understanding standard Finnish speech or conversation on an abstract topic related to your own discipline or societal themes
  • Understanding and distinguishing between nuances and details in speech and text, for example, distinguishing between fact and opinion

Developing as a language learner 

  • Knowing your own language proficiency profile well and developing its subareas in a systematic and goal-oriented way
  • Stabilising your literacy and information searching skills; developing your reasoning skills
  • Expanding and deepening the application of different tools that support learning and language usage