Everyday Finnish - Language functions and central structures

Language functions

Social interaction

  • Recognising the features of Finnish communication culture and etiquette
  • Handling informal daily situations and running errands in Finnish
  • Understanding spoken Finnish in familiar situations

Telling and describing

  • Telling about past and future events and experiences
  • Discussing and sharing opinions on concrete topics using basic phrases
  • Sharing concrete information
  • Writing short, informal messages

Understandingand searching for information in Finnish

  • Understanding predictable information and creating an overall idea of texts on concrete topics
  • Using Finnish sources in different media when searching for information on a concrete topic
  • Understanding a familiar theme and picking up some easily recognisable details from clear speech in standard Finnish 

Developing as a language learner 

  • Recognising your own language proficiency profile and setting goals
  • Learning and analysing language in a Finnish-speaking environment and as part of a learner group
  • Developing literacy and information searching skills
  • Practising the use of different tools that support learning

Central structures

Learning to use for example:

  • past and future events: present tense of verbs (also consonant gradation) and simple past more systematically
  • expressing location with case endings and postpositions
  • using verbs of feelings and information
  • plural: basic types of plural partitive
  • comparison: comparative and superlative
  • clause types, e.g. joka -clauses
  • more systematic use of noun types, word derivation
  • expressing location: postpositions
  • basic object types
  • spoken language; more systematic analysis of the features

Recognising and understanding in context:

  • the perfect tense
  • the conditional modus
  • features of newspaper language: simple participles as adjectives