Finnish in the society- Language functions and central structures

Language functions

Social interaction

  • Mastering Finnish everyday communication culture and familiarity with formal communication culture
  • Using Finnish fluently, spontaneously and idiomatically in both formal and informal situations
  • Reasonably fluent use and understanding of spoken Finnish, systematically distinguishing between spoken and standard Finnish in your own usage

Telling and describing

  • Spontaneous, fluent and precisely descriptive telling about a familiar topic
  • Prepared description and sharing of information on a more unfamiliar and abstract topic in a consistent, rather detailed and precise way
  • Presenting and justifying your opinions clearly in conversation, also concerning more unfamiliar, general and topical themes
  • Describing your personal experiences and abstract, topical themes concisely in writing

Understandingand searching for information in Finnish

  • Understanding texts on topical, societal themes and making conclusions on texts that concern unfamiliar themes
  • Acquiring information on society, studies and work through various media
  • Understanding formal standard Finnish speech on topical themes, creating an overall idea and making conclusions
  • Following the main ideas of normal-rate discussion between native Finns

Developing as a language learner 

  • Knowing your own language proficiency profile and learning strategies; setting goals based on them
  • Goal-oriented development of language skills by reading and observing the speech of native Finns
  • Development and multifaceted application of literacy and information searching skills
  • Regular application of various tools that support learning and language usage

Central structures

Learning to use for example:

  • features of formal and informal style
  • indirect ways of being polite
  • structures of the newspaper language; participle structures, participial phrases
  • describing being and roles: essive and translative cases
  • comparisons: use and declining of comparative and superlative forms
  • lexical variation: transitive and intransitive verbs
  • word derivation

Recognising and understanding in context:

  • features of the newspaper language: rare cases and structures, more complicated sentence structures
  • Finnish idioms