Registration Instructions for the Verkkolehtori

You can register for the Verkkolehtori and study Finnish.

The Verkkolehtori is made up of 4 units:

  • Mikaelin päivä
  • Mikael rokkaa!
  • Kuulitsä, mitä se sano? (Spoken Finnish)
  • Mikael mediassa 


Registration Instructions

Go to the Website

1. Klick on the “kirjaudu” (login) link in the top-right of the screen. You can also change the language setting.

2. Klick “Start by creating a new username!”

3. Add your registration details and klick “Create new username”.

Your username and password will be sent to the email address you provided. You use these to sign in to the Verkkolehtori.

Login here

Klick on the “kirjaudu” (login) link in the top-right of the screen. 

Now you are ready to study! You can choose the exercises and practice when you like!