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Germany is Europe's most spoken language. German language skills open up new perspectives for European culture and science and make it possible to connect to Europe's largest national economy and Finland's most important trading partner. 

German language and culture studies

In the Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication, you can learn German from beginners' to academic level. You can choose courses flexibly according to your level, interest, and goals. You can get support from German courses also if you are planning an exchange period in a German-speaking country. 

In addition to the various areas of language skills, all courses also cover German cultural and social phenomena. Movi offers around 20 German courses annually, some of which you can also study independently. 

Registration for the courses in SISU.  

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The Multilingual Intercultural Competence (MIC) offers degree students at the University of Jyväskylä the chance to invest in the development of their internationalization capabilities and demonstrate their competence. Read more