TACE - Teaching Academic Content through English

  • Do you teach and guide your students in English?
  • Hoping to develop or refresh your skills for that?
  • Wishing that you understood your multilingual and multicultural group better?
  • Looking for new ideas and collegial support for your teaching?

The TACE programme is a popular staff training course that combines various teaching methods in a  multicultural and multilingual group to bring awareness and pedagogical skills to bear on the modern, international classroom.

Enroll in the programme by December 14  2020 in Congress: https://calendar.contio.fi/jyu/Calendar/?d=KwmG3HsAJAE%253d.

Next TACE-group is offered in the spring 2021. The application period for the coaching is during the autumn 2020. TACE coaching beginns on Monday January 18th 2021 at 9 am to 12 noon. The group meets eight times on Monday mornings on the the following dates: 
[18.1. | 1.2. | 15.2. | 8.3. | 22.3. | 12.4. | 26.4. | 10.5.]

Vice rector Marja-Leena Laakso recommends TACE on the video. 

TACE includes the following integrated themes:

  1. Orientation and introduction to English-medium instruction
  2. Needs analysis and guiding academic literacies
  3. Interactive lecturing and small group teaching practices
  4. Analysing written assignment designs and language use in oral interaction
  5. Collaborative team teaching activities
  6. Interculturality in academic interactions
  7. Language and social interaction in academic settings
  8. Portfolio compilation and writing a teaching philosophy

Completing TACE supports the University Language Policy

For further information, see:

Internationalisation at JYU

The valuing of diversity, multifaceted skills and a sense of togetherness permeate our activities. A multicultural and international work community that values and inspires individuals is our richness. (Strategy of the University of Jyväskylä 2019–2030)

Read more about internationalisation on Movi website: https://movi.jyu.fi/en/internationalisation/staff

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