Com­pul­so­ry Cour­ses for Degree Stu­dents

According to the statutes concerning university degrees in Finland, all higher education students must have adequate or good skills in one or two foreign language(s) to be able to update their professional expertise in their fields of study and operate successfully in an international work environment. These courses are not recommended for incoming exchange students.

  • Before registering for a compulsory course, please click on Proficiency level descriptions and check that you reach level B2. If not, you could consider taking a preparatory course, XENX029 Activate your English, before the compulsory course(s)

The list and descriptions of compulsory courses

Restructured communication and language studies (UVK)

Other courses

These courses are mostly for students who started a program before the year listed below. If you are unsure check your department's website for information on language and communication studies or ask your departmental coordinator

Assessment Criteria